What happens to submissions?

We look and listen to hundreds - thousands into tens of thousands of submissions, because we think all artist are unique and special and deserve, their work to be respected and honored!

Who are you looking to sign ?

We are looking to find that "standout" artist, that is ready for the next level!

How should I submit a submission?

Demo submissions should be directed to TCB’s record label, but kindly note that we are unable to return any submissions or material. Typically, we recommend demos be your best song or songs, we also recommended that you add details you wish us to know about, your band or group! Our labels’ A&R department, take their work very serious, so we ask that you only submit serious submissions only! If you have a manager, agent, producer representing you let us know this as well. Our staff is all industry professionals. We accept MP3, Data Drive, CD’s, Wav, you can submit it by MAIL, EMAIL, OR UPLOAD We only accept unsigned artist (which is artist who have never been signed, or artist who have been signed, and have fulfilled their obligation with their previous label or record company, and are no longer under contract.

Remember even if you don’t get signed, we do from time to time have unsigned artist open for acts, or might offer you a chance to be featured on a active production…so bring your best!

Please note that on occasion, we do work with scouts!  However, we have been made aware of individuals who give the false impression they are affiliated with TCB and ask for money from artists in order to submit music on their behalf. It is against our company policy for an employee to accept any form of compensation in return for submitting music to our companies. If you are approached by a person that claims to be a TCB employee and who asks for any form of compensation in relation to a demo submission, please contact us