Our Approach

"Our philosophy" &  "Our vision." Is quite simple

TCB RECORDS is a sub label that has had some success in the industry, but we are looking to go into more of a scalable direction now! We have 20 years covered in the business and have had published works covering EP’s, LP’s and books published. Some of our artist have open for some large and small acts, our music has appeared on television commercials, video games, small film, documentary’s, sound tracks, biopics and as giggles.


Our label fellows a philosophy of "YOU EAT WHAT YOU KILL" meaning as an artist your music should make money it does, we both EAT! You do your part as an artist, and we will do our part as a label. As we partner together we win together! At TCB we believe in our artist and we will win together or lose put it simple and plan, here is analogy that our CEO likes to say; we eat together, or we starve together, and if I eat steak, you eat steak NOT I eat steak and you eat tuna.

Don't know how? We will show you!

Can't do? We will teach you!

Won't do? Well we can't help you!



Our Story

Combined with years in an assortment of reputable businesses the birth of TCB is a unique and inspiring story TCB derived from a group of “cell phone” store locations in the “Midwest” it was back in 1999, when a young man enter one of these store locations to pay his cell phone bill and the owner (who is TCB’s current CEO today) was working the counter, and the owner noticed the young man was carrying a stack of CD’s in his hand, so the own asked the young man “what do you have their kid? The young man responded “these are my CD’S I am selling them, I am a local musician and trying to get my name out” impressed and inspired by this young man, the store owner asks the young man how much? Then the store owner reached into his pocket paid the young man (not just for one CD) …NOT FOR TWO, but he purchased them all! And he told the young man, I am going to put these in the store here for customers to buy and once we sell out you bring me some more! The young artist was amazed, as no one had ever done this for him! So, after some more conversation and pleasantries the young artist let the store, the owner than went on a mission and that mission was to get have customer who came in the cell phone that day, to buy one of these CD’s which the owner sold out of by the end of the day! So that evening at 7pm, the owner called the young man, and said; I need more CD’s as I sold out the young artist was in shock…so he brought more CD’s the very next day, and the put those in the store, and advised, the young artist to tell other local musicians they can bring their music there too! In less than 4 months a portion of the store was converted, to display all the CD’s that started to come in!

As time passed an array of different artists would come to bring their music  to the store and chat for a spell with the owner seeking his advice and guidance, so much so this prompted the owner to launch a management, company, which after a short time was sold to make way for “TCB RECORDS” and with the owners expertise and having the right people on his team of A&R’s, Producers, Engineers, Assistants, Lawyers, Artist and other valuable staff members  and the owners undivided focus, and vision TCB  is centered around the success of talented clients family (as our CEO says).  TCB has excelled and provided an acclaimed presence in the world of music. Driven by their passion for unparalleled musical art and talent our CEO Will Profit founded the company in 2001 and eagerly started working with up-and-coming artists. TCB stresses the importance of implementing a positive team effort force behind each artist. Developing artist from where they are to the next level. We are constantly involved in artist growth and have had artist featured on, at Tower Records, Best Buy, Target, and Walgreens, and sold on platforms like iTunes, Sound Cloud, Amazon, some of our artist have enjoyed being seeing their work appear on television, radio commercials some have even had there works on video games platforms. All accomplishments are a team effort as – says our CEO

“We are a very hands-on group expediting our artist’ growth.

In addition to, having a keen eye for our artist’s talent we believe at

TCB SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION, this is our motto, and this is what we believe in.


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